380 to Bondi!

There is no other way to feel like a local or to get the lay of a city than to ride its transit system. We rode the subway and then the bus to one of Australia’s most famous destinations, Bondi Beach.

After morning note, we embarked on the beautiful coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee. Despite areas of the path being eroded from a massive storm last month, the alternative route still had absolutely stunning views.

ADU Group Bondi MEI International Academy Study AbroadWe stopped at Bronte beach and had our first PE lesson about the different types of leadership. Students fell victim to Simon’s autocratic leadership where they were told to build a car. Mark’s democratic leadership allowed their imaginations to take flight when they chose to build an airplane, and Kendra’s laissez-faire leadership allowed students to build … whatever they wanted.

Throughout the day a game we introduced yesterday called ‘Gotcha’ really took off. Students became very competitive as they slyly tried to tag their secret target. Everyone was so enthusiastic about it that our first round finished during dinner with Natalie coming out victorious!

The day ended with some European handball (shout out to Molly for helping clean up pylons), a tag team workout, a cheeky swim in the ocean, and a thesis writing English lesson.

Ps. We’ve had two extremely busy days of exploring the city, more photos will be up shortly!

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