A Moveable Feast

france-paris-mei-international-academy-taliaMuch like the famous American expat writers of the 1920’s (Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Hemingway), MEI academy has rolled into Paris to find inspiration in a city filled to the brim with culture, romance, and history. It only took mere seconds as we entered the city to notice the change in the students, and in ourselves. All that seemed hopeless before, especially after a 10 hour bus ride, quickly dissolved from our minds and  were replaced by smiles on our faces and twinkles in our eyes. It all sounds cheesy, and possibly hyperbolic, but this city has that…that…je ne sais quoi.  france-paris-mei-international-academy-dinner1

After our long journey we were all famished, and, once again, it was Joe to the rescue to fill our stomachs and test our pallets. Right next door to our very Parisian hotel lies a quaint and even more Parisian cafe. Duck, beef, chicken, fish and the cheesiest potatoes anyone had ever tasted, were all sampled and consumed followed by smiles and “mmms” of satisfaction. The piece de resistance (this city is infectious!), was a dessert that challenged everyone’s opinion of how sweets are supposed to taste and even made a dessert lover of myself!

france-paris-mei-international-academy-dinner  Satisfied but not too full – the european way – we took a night time stroll to Notre Dame mere minutes from our hotel. Paris at night is truly a sight to see and all students, even the tired and surly ones, became instantly infatuated, and you could tell that all they craved more.

And more they shall get as we are only beginning our Paris leg of the trip, with jam packed days ahead filled with food, art, and strolls along the Seine River. The students are about to find out just why Hemingway so famously claimed this city as “a moveable feast”.  france-paris-mei-international-academy-desert

Stray Observations:

1)Bojan sleeps like an absolute rock – even with an artillery of nerf guns being shot at him.

2)The entire class learned a valuable lesson about cleaning up after yourselves and the dire consequences that will come if you do not.

3) Shivangi can take pain like a champion! While Xander and Hunter are still reeling from their loss of Lil Lito (a CD of theirs).

4) This Joe’s favourite and I think the kids feel he will be easier on them because of it. Let’s see how this plays out.


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