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day17yogaWell, we were DEFINITELY feeling those push-ups from two days ago, especially after our swim yesterday. So we started our day with a yoga stretching session at the beach and a cool down/wash-off-the-sand-dip

in the water. The rest of the morning went on as usual: a delicious breakfast at King Minos, Morning Note, lecture, swimming, and work time.

Many of the students dedicated their free time to preparing for their Greek Theatre performances. The students were assigned a day17lecturefamous Greek play and had to condense the 58-pages into a seven-minute performance. Dressed in togas, the students met us at “Big Tree Theatre” – appropriately located under the biggest tree on the beach in Tolo – where past day17group3MEI students have taken the stage over the years. The performances were incredible. The students did an amazing job picking out the best – and funniest – lines to include in their short play. With only a few days to prepare, we were impressed with their enthusiasm and preparedness. Seventeen students acting in togas may have been an interesting sight for day17macdarcmiketourists and locals, but for us it was nothing out of the ordinary. The students were able to relax, forget about their other assignments, and thoroughly enjoy the evening; laughing obviously included.

day17group4After a buffet dinner at King Minos, we created another theatre on the pool deck. Relaxing in the incredibly comfortable lounge chairs, we curled up to watch the Spartans battle the Persians in 300. Another amazing day on Ancient World Odyssey!

– The Odyssey Crew

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