Castles, Mountains, and Ghost Stories

Much to our surprise, we had a day of what we could call “nice” weather! The sun came out to play today, and we only saw the rain once or twice as it passed by in light sprinkles. We took advantage of this in order to do our final lesson of the trip outdoors.  Sitting in the shadows of the majestic Edinburgh Castle, AS6we discussed an ETTA favourite- ghost story writing. Scotland is the perfect place for this type of writing, with its medieval charm and (often) dreary weather. Then, for one last time, we brought the students to an art gallery to glean inspiration for their
own creative piece. The Scottish National Gallery houses the Scottish national collection of fine art, including Scottish and international art from the beginning of the Renaissance up to the start of the 20th century. Maybe it’s just in our minds, but the several of the works here seem to have an eerier quality of them, as though they were made to inspire 21st century students to write ghost tales!

AS5In the afternoon, the students dispersed for lunch and to spend some independent time preparing for their ISU AS4interviews (which begin tomorrow, by the way). We met back up to get some dinner, and then headed out as a group to Arthur’s Seat. Arthur’s Seat is the main peak of the group of mountains which form most of Holyrood Park. It sits at 251m above sea level, affording an excellent view of the city, and was famously described by Robert Louis Stevenson as “a hill for magnitude, a mountain in virtue of its bold design” Arthur’s Seat is also the site of a large and well-preserved fort. We used this site to finish recording our podcast, to share our ghost stories, and to soak in the picturesque city we are blessed to have as our final destination.

As I have already alluded to, the next few days will be filled with ISU interviews and exam prep. The final exam will take place on the 29th, and before you know it, we will be back.


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