Missed the tuition discount deadline?

Attend an info meeting, or participate in a virtual face-to-face, to get an extension.

You can still qualify for the full tuition discount as outlined below if you attend one of our year-end information meetings.  If you don’t see a meeting near you, sign up for a virtual face-to-face, and you’ll qualify for the same discount!

Final Meeting December 16, 2017.


$200 Flight Discount

Flight discount can not be combined with early registration discount.

$200 Academic Award

Students can earn a $200 “MEI Academic Award” when their average is 80% or above in the courses applicable to the MEI program to which they have applied.

How it Works

If a student is applying to the Backpackers: Central America program, MEI will look at the student’s grade 10 or 11 Biology and English marks. If these marks are at or above 80%, the student will receive a $200 award in addition to the flight discount.

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