Day 05: The Beijing Apprentice—Photo Blog

Today, the students faced a full-day, challenging, and competitive assignment for their business course. Teams were made with the class voting for their leaders. In the morning, we met at Ritan Park to reflect and prepare for the challenge. We dedicate a half hour every morning to writing in our Morning Note journals.

Next, the groups sprinted to the south to kick off the assignment. They planned, strategized, and bartered their way through the Silk Market. They negotiated for shoes, sunglasses, and speakers. They discussed, refined and rehearsed their dealmaking techniques to share with the class.

In the late afternoon, we reconvened by Ritan Park’s scenic pond for creative presentations.

Leah demonstrates the best strategy for stress: having fun. Sometimes, you have to keep things in perspective. We’re just grateful to be traveling.

Where did the multi-talented Yale learn that to fan a fan like that. A great opening to her team’s presentation.

Self-reflection. Writing in our journals helps us get our minds ready for the day.

Athena’s team is definitely up to something secret.

Simon clarifies the assignment for an eager team.

Olivia finds the winning photogenic spot to write in Ritan Park.

Simon gives feedback. Soon, we’ll be on the subway and returning to our neighbourhood for dinner.

Not a bad classroom. Thanks, Beijing.

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