Day 08: Land of the Free… Market

We’re past the Great Firewall of China. Here in Hong Kong, the internet flows like water. Everything is on the move. You are in someone’s way if you stop on the sidewalk for two seconds to check the time or a map. After one day, Michelle was not the biggest fan, “There are buildings everywhere you look. They’re looking down on you. You say there are beaches and mountains here but I don’t understand why you’d live anywhere you can’t see them.”

This town has a frantic energy. Everyone is busy and every piece of sky has been bought and filled with a glowing sign. Buy buy buy. Shopping in Hong Kong is a way of life. We live in Kowloon. We’ve got a cluster of malls here. In the morning, we visited the Hong Kong History Museum to start to understand the underlying tensions in current World Issues between mainland China and Hong Kong (and between both groups and the Japanese).

The afternoon was free for groups of students to bring their laundry to the laundromat, explore, catch up on work, and grab lunch in our neighbourhood.

In the evening, we had a business lesson in Kowloon Park. Jess and Vanessa volunteered to stand up and help define purchasing parity as we learned about imports, exports, and protectionism.

Afterward, we visited the Temple Street Night Market to look around and have dinner. 

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