Day 09: The Island and Fireworks!

Today we left our Kowloon home to visit Hong Kong Island. We took the MTR under the harbour to emerge near city hall. The students are old pros at public transit and the massive train system, endless crowds and enormous underground tunnels didn’t intimidate them at all.

In the morning, we were lucky to duck out of the rain and into a cafe for our lesson on International Relations and the unique case of Hong Kong’s relationship with the Western world and China. The rain stopped and we traveled along the sky walkways. It was a sweaty march across the city in the humid heat. A few businesses had their doors wide open, blasting AC in powerful tactic to bring pedestrians inside.

We continued our walk and reached a series of public “midlevel” escalators that help the locals climb the hills. The class was dismissed in the Soho neighbourhood. On the corner, we could see a Greek, Indian, Chinese, and Italian restaurant. HK has a reputation of being an international city.

In the evening we met on the roof of our hotel. It offers a special view of the harbour and a cool breeze on a warm day. The class worked on their creative writing, crafting characters, settings, and the first major plot point of their tales.

Evening came and we prepared for our second Business challenge. The class voted for their leaders and the leaders chose teams. We headed to the Temple Street Night Market to begin the challenge. Tomorrow morning, the real work begins.

As a nice treat, since it’s National Day here in Hong Kong, we were able to watch the massive fireworks show from the comfort of our hotel. The booming sounds echoes amongst the skyscrapers, the harbour lit up with colour, and a huge cloud of smoke drifted away after the last explosion had faded away. The class was eager to start their group work now that they have seen how the winners of the last Business Apprentice Challenge were treated. Each winner received exclusive access to the top floor breakfast, while their peers ate on floor one, dreaming of how they would win next time.

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