Day 10: The Hong Kong Apprentice

The students had a challenging task because today was our second Business Apprentice challenge. For this assignment they had to choose a product from the market that would succeed at home, develop a marketing plan, cost analysis, commercial, dress up, meet on the rooftop overlooking Hong Kong, and present their business to a group of potential investors (the teachers).

We started early to let the students get a jump start to the day. They had lunch in our neighbourhood of Tsim Sha Sui. The skyscrapers, 7-11s, shiny, sterile air conditioned malls, grimy alleys, and bustling restaurants is starting to feel like home. We’re breathing easier since the most challenging days of China’s air pollution are behind us.

In the late afternoon we reconvened for the presentations. Yale’s group sold “Elasti-laces” to create a new market for collectable, rubber shoe ties while Sam’s group invented the future of backpacks for the modern student. We saw Bronte’s group share an impressive commercial which set the tone for their brand while Katie’s group sought backers for a smartphone lens kit. The competition was close and the winner has yet to be chosen…


It was fun to see the groups had actually sold themselves and each other on their products. After a tense day of competition, it was nice to unwind in ‘small family dinners’ where the class divides in three and each group eats with a teacher. It’s always reenergizing to share a conversation with this group. We carried on about the future, guessing capital cities (Michelle raged against Corrupt Trivia Master Simon because she didn’t know the capital of Honduras), and Athena attempted to educate Peter about Instagram.


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