Day 11: So Long, Hong Kong

2016-09-03-mei-fall-semester-1hongkong2870-mei-international-academy-travel-study-study-abroad-international-baccalaureat-advanced-placement-go-abroad-educationIn the morning, we traveled as a group to visit 10, 000 Buddhas Monastery. We climbed up the long staircase together and reached the top. There, under the golden statues, green leaves, and grey rock, the students sat to write in their journals. For a half hour they poured out their ideas, handwriting to the soft sound of trickling water and the sudden screeching of a dozen monkeys in the branches who had a bit of a freak out.

After our lesson, we took our midday break. Some students searched for the Mong Kok market while others returned to our neighbourhood to find the post office and mail a package of souvenirs home. In the afternoon we reconvened for a presentation about China. It was an example for the students for their upcoming project. The teachers shared World Issues case studies and lead the class in a series of connected activities and games. They answered the classes questions about “why is Mao’s portrait still hanging in Tiananmen?”, “why can the Chinese sell fake merchandise in the Silk Market?” and “why were the bottoms of trees painted white?” The students evaluated the teachers, giving them a 90% for their efforts. Now, students will be in charge of the next country presentations: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Australia.

After dinner, we reconvened for a special guest. A high school friend of two teachers happened to be passing through Hong Kong. Christy met up to talk with our class about her experiences living in Macau and Singapore. She shared her thoughts as a traveler who likes to learn the history about where she lives, as a parent who had a child in Canada and abroad, as a critical thinker who is passionate about birthing rights, and as a concerned Canadian who has seen poor treatment of workers from Indonesia and the Philippines. Our students asked questions about how her journey began and where her family might go next.

Then we made it an early night. We had to pack and wake up to catch our 5am bus to the airport. Tomorrow, it’s an early flight, a short time in the skies, and a long bus ride up the coast of Vietnam to the beach in Mui Ne.

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