Day 12: HK to Mui Ne (video)

Here’s Katie with five sounds as we traveled from Hong Kong to Mui Ne.

The FRUSTRATION of arriving in the Ho Chi Minh City humidity and waiting for a bus that was late.

The EXCITEMENT when the bus arrived and we packed up.

The RELAXATION of being on a sweet ride with air conditioning.

The DISGUST of trying her first tamarind candy at a stop on the way -thanks to Yvee who has an adventurous palette.

The REFRESHING sip of guava juice, compliments of our hotel when we arrived.

YES! We arrived at Sunny Beach Resort in MUI NE!

At night we explored the restaurants in our area where you can eat like royalty for a mere 90,000 Vietnamese dong. That’s about five bucks Canadian or four USD.

It was a great arrival in Mui Ne and we topped it off with GAMES NIGHT! We were exhausted from being up since 5am but still managed to get through a rousing game of Celebrity (it’s like charades with a few twists) and Resistance (it’s like the campfire game “Mafia” but with waaay more deceit).

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