Day 13: Life in Mui Ne

We’re out of the big cities and into a resort on the long, gorgeous Vietnamese beach. Our resort is the ideal place for the Mei Academy rhythm. At 7am we gather on the sand for a cardio workout. Next, a quick dip in the ocean or one of the pools at our hotel. By 8am we’re at breakfast which some students, like Michelle and Bronte, claim is better than the buffet of joy and dreams which we experienced back in Beijing.

At 9am we’re writing in our journals and at 10am we meet up in an air conditioned conference room for an in depth media lesson. Liza introduced the film project the students will be embarking on and we watched several clips to practice scene analysis. Then we had our midday break. The tourist season is slow, so we have this enormous resort to ourselves. Students relaxed by the pool, played in the ocean, and took breaks in the lifesaving air conditioning in their rooms. The humidity and sun can melt your brain if you’re not wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated. The only other afternoon option is to cruise the strip. There is only one road here and it runs in a straight line with convenience stores and restaurants catering to tourists.

In the afternoon we met up for Round Table discussions. The Writer’s Craft students designed their long term writing project, the Literature students chose books to study, and the English class discussed the novel Siddhartha. A group of Nisey, Leah, Jesse, and Tia absolutely knocked the assignment out of the park with their lively discussion. They made exceptional connections and left the experience smiling like Buddha.

At night we made time for a movie night. There was time to hang out and watch a film before bed. In the morning, we’re up for 7am and another solid beach workout.

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