Day 14: Hard Work… at the Beach

Today was another vigorous 7am workout on the beach. This morning’s journal writing started with questions about passion and famous arguments from our lives. It was a chance to explore the ideas that compel us to fight and provided a great foundation for today’s academics: essay writing.

The class escaped from the humidity and met in the air conditioned sanctuary to write short essays. Here, in Mui Ne, we’ll be practicing our academic writing starting with a workshop on selecting a challenging thesis.

We took our midday break and reconvened in the evening for Economics and Business. The International Business students did an activity where they read a job posting and flipped through over twenty cover letters. It provided a real, practical look at how easy it is to get passed over when your name is in a pile. The students described what made the occasional cover letter work, taking away lessons like “short & sweet”, “self-confidence”, and “professional emotion” (which meant it’s great to share your emotions, like enthusiasm, where they are relevant to the reader). After reading an article about a cover letter makeover, the class wrote a draft of a letter to stand out for an interview with the Mei Academy as a teaching assistant. Tia was a bit worried that she might not want the job if she got it. We assured her that this was just an activity and that we wouldn’t pile responsibility on her by hiring her as a TA during the trip.

We made it an early night. Many of us hail from cooler climates and it’s tricky to adjust to this tropical weather. The sun and humidity will crisp and dehydrate you every day if you’re not careful. Fortunately, this class has earned a lot of their independence because they take care of themselves and each other. We’re adjusting and definitely enjoying our home on the beach.

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