Day 15: The Rhythm

It’s nice that we have finally hit our Mei Academy rhythm in full stride. After so many days of taking the subway across Beijing or walking up the hilly, hot terrain of Hong Kong we’re into our great, manageable routine here on the beach.

At 7am in the morning we switched up our workout to do aerobics in the pool. Afterward, we had a quick tournament which Meg won because she could hold her breath for over a minute. The competition was close. We have a lot of students who were fish in past lives.
The theme of the morning note journal was”protest”. Students were asked to reflect on when they have been willing to take a risk to show that something is unfair.

They morning lesson continued our essay workshops. The class was challenged to create theses that hit a sweet spot between obvious and obscure. We discussed the structure of am effective essay. Meanwhile, the creative writing students continued their ambitious projects to write an entire novel (!?!) or feature film. The Studies in Lit crew continued reading literature of their choosing. We have a wide range of interests this year from Iain picking up Neuromancer, Athena choosing Capote’s true crime benchmark In Cold Blood, and Sam getting down to business with The Big Short.

In the evening, we had a world issues lesson about the Arab Spring, making connections to the Occupy movement and predictions about the political future is China. Time Magazine declared 2011 ‘The Year of the protester’. Now, in 2016, is the genie back in the bottle?

At night, we broke into three groups for small family dinners with teachers. The students took us to their favourite restaurant on the strip. It’s funny how similar these places are. Each boast a menu that will cook ANYTHING from spaghetti bolognese to fresh Vietnamese spring rolls to ostrich, fried fish, coconut beef, chicken and noodles, pizza, morning glory, rice, and even crocodile with a little garlic. We’ve known each other for just over two weeks. In the wide range of travel experiences we’ve shared that translates to two years. The conversation flowed like old friends catching up. Then it was back to the hotel for a later curfew, allowing for time to watch a movie together before bed.

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