Day 16: Go and Get It

Today, the Business students studied job interviews while the Economics class looked at auctions. What do they have in common? You have to mentally prepare and be able to adjust on the fly. If you really want it, you’ve got to go and get it.

The students reflected on “people skills” in their journals. They were asked to think about how well they read others, their conflict management skills, and if first impressions are reliable.

Our morning class concluded our essay writing lessons where we gave more concrete, quantifiable advice about writing. The class was trained to use the active voice and spot opportunities for their paragraphs to pop through power and precision in their vocabulary.

The evening featured some activity based lessons. The Economics students participated in a series of auctions, bidding their points for Vietnamese souvenirs to gain a practical understanding of true value. Ilana was happy with her winnings, proudly wearing her new hat. The Business students shook hands, made eye contact, prepped relevant personal details, and did research for their job interview simulations. Yvee, Jess, and Meg had the most striking cover letters and earned the right to interview with our business teacher Simon.

The job interview competition was close but the class agreed that Yvee stood out because she had prepared a strong insight/compliment about the business to share at the end of the interview.

At night, the students organized themselves. Some opted for a quick dinner so that they could finish their work. Others, had wrapped in the afternoon, and dined with more leisure. At the next door convenience store, one of our groups fell in love with the very friendly son of the owner. He’s the kind of kid who wants to hug everyone and our students had a couple of volunteers.

Back at the hotel, assignments were submitted and heads hit pillows. After a job interview or auction it’s commonplace to go to sleep second guessing oneself. But this group has been trained, and has a good instinct, for putting all their cards on the table. That means they can enjoy that easy sleep of no regrets.

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