Day 19: Mui Ne to HCMC

Today we had the big bus ride from the soothing sounds of the waves on the beach to the endless honking of motorbikes.

The staff at the Sunny Beach Resort saw us off with group photos and a gift of dragonfruit for each student. They also gave the teachers three additional boxes of the delicious fruit. All in all, we left the beach with enough inventory to start our own grocery store.

In contrast, Ho Chi Minh City (also known by it’s older name, Saigon) is intimidating. The people are friendly but the energy is frantic and the roads flow nonstop with motorbikes.

We crossed the street together, which may sound banal to anyone who hasn’t seen this urban jungle. The vehicles don’t stop even at a pedestrian crossing. They don’t expect to have to stop. The locals walk across the street with machines flowing around them. We crossed a few wild roads to find dinner. Then we had to pass through the same madness on the way home. Welcome to HCMC.

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