Day 2 and 3: PARIS—“I can’t believe we’re really here”

mei-spring-semester-toronto53-mei-international-academy-travelstudy-study-abroad-international-baccalaureatadvanced-placement-go-abroad-educationOur last day in Toronto began with morning workout: an introduction to the MEI yoga routine with Simon and Krystal, and some fitness training with Scott. We’re all a little rusty, but that will change as we get into our regular workout schedule in Europe. After a couple of return trips to the breakfast buffet, we met to review the program calendar and the first major presentation to take place in Paris. A hop, skip and a shuttle bus later, we were at the airport, checked in for our flight and waiting at our gate.

On our drive from the airport to Hotel Claude Bernard, we came up close and personal with the gothic splendour that is Notre Dame. mei-spring-semester-paris113-mei-international-academy-travelstudy-study-abroad-international-baccalaureatadvanced-placement-go-abroad-educationWe are so lucky to be only a few blocks away from this stunning Parisian landmark, with the cherry blossom trees in full bloom. Taking full advantage of our location, we sat behind the cathedral, as the teachers outlined trip expectations (don’t leave anyone behind, learn, learn, learn and enjoy the experience). The sun was shining, tourists and locals were taking leisurely strolls through the church grounds, and a few delightful pigeons were fluttering around. We could not have asked for better weather to greet us on our first day.


Right now, everyone is tucked into bed and catching up on some sleep. We definitely deserve it after our walkabout through the Latin Quarter, down to our lecture spot (Arenes de Lutece) where Scott and Simon introduced the foundation of the 500 year study of history we will do from now until Tuscany, and a quick jaunt to our workout location (the old lock bridge, or Pont des Arts). We’ve got a full day tomorrow, and can’t wait to get this show on the road!

On tap for tomorrow:

7:15 am yoga at Pont des Arts and frisbee in the Louvre courtyard

8:00 am breakfast

10:00 am Capture the Day and Morning Note

11:00 am a history lecture on the Renaissance

12:00 pm lunch and free time

5:00 pm English lesson on short story writing

6:00 pm exploring the Musee d’Orsay and working on an English task

8:00 pm dinner and a walkabout around the hotel

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