Day 23: Stock Market and Round Tables

We woke up and walked down our street, turned down a dirt alley and reached the bright, clean artificial turf of some local futsol fields. Futsol is popular here. It’s five-on-five soccer played with a smaller pitch and nets. We brought our frisbees and divided into two fields for our first taste of Ultimate frisbee and soccer games. We lost ourselves in the competition as the sun crept higher in the sky. We were melting before 8am. We retreated back to the shade of the hotel and the breakfast buffet.

This morning’s Business lesson trained the students to evaluate stocks, considering beta, volume, EPS, and many more of the intimidating acronyms that are found on those alien stock charts.

In the evening, we met in small, Round Table groups to discuss the stock strategies and company research prepared by the students. This was an assignment where Sam shined, since his stock analysis transcends school and into his personal interests. Bryan shared a very detailed understanding of Blizzard’s stock, relating it to the release dates of certain video games. Michelle projects Alibaba to find success in North America, Jess says BUY Facebook because their purchase of Oculus was a visionary investment, while Leah and Yale wished they had shorted Wells Fargo before the current scandal.

It was a big day of evaluating major companies. At night, we visited the many small businesses that are the lifeblood of Siem Reap. We dined in the tiny downtown and visited one of the many night markets. The core of this town is a pedestrian paradise, filled with markets, restaurants, and alleys. Outside of the small grid of streets swirl the many motorbikes and tuk tuks, offering rides to tourists. Our students have emerged as savvy barterers and happily negotiated their fare home. It was a great day in Siem Reap and tomorrow, we’re off to explore Angkor.

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