Day 25: Filmmakers and Student Quotations

Today was a big day for our media course. We woke up and worked out one last time at our futsal fields. The class was divided into groups and set off to make their first film of the trip. We asked them to play the role of Writer, Director, Cinematographer, AND Editor for their own short film. We spent the morning in a cafe together, taking up questions and preparing our shot lists for the day. The students worked efficiently, ducking out of the sun at midday for a break. One group even sped to Angkor to shoot their films in the ruins.

In the evening, we had an English lesson on quotable writing where students worked on polishing up their insights that they take from their Morning Note Journal. Here are some anonymous works in progress, as our class works to refine their writing:

“It’s easy to get trapped inside your ego. To lose sight of what’s happening beyond your own eyes. I believe the world is a we. United we make up the interconnected web that is life. As humans we share the same ocean, we see the same stars, we walk the same land. If you take away all the hierarchy and ego we are all the same.”

“I used to leave social situations in flight, the fear of being friendless giving me wings. Now I can fly towards a new family, to MEI, to the unknown.”

“The theory of communism in all it’s wild purity and innocence will never work, because the same human race that came up with it lacks the ability to implement it.”

We had an early night of rest and card games because we’re getting up for 5am to zip to Angkor Wat to watch the sunrise.

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