Day 26: Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cooking and Farewell to Siem Reap

Everyone managed to get up on time, tickets ready, for our trip to Angkor Wat. We cruised through the cool streets before the sun had it’s chance to make us sweat. We arrived at the temple with many other tourists eager to watch the legendary sunrise. There was a good crowd but we pale in comparison to the million inhabitants who used to live here in the city’s prime. The morning and the slow rise of the sun put us all in a reflective mood. The pace of the trip can be overwhelming and it’s a healthy shift in gears to slow down and watch the sun come up.

Afterward, we took a break so that students would have a chance to mail souvenirs home and make a rough cut of their movies. We’re almost at the halfway point of the trip. The teachers updated the students on the content that we have covered in Business, Economics, World Issues, Media and English and the expectations for the midterms.

In the afternoon, we donned aprons and chefs hats, joining a cooking class. We learned to make fresh and fried spring rolls as well as amok, the national dish. Athena demonstrated her skill, pounding lemongrass with a pestle and mortar and Sydney got in there to crush a few cloves of garlic as well.

After dinner, we relaxed, watching movies and one group headed to a private karaoke room to do their best Cascada impressions. We took a last wander through the markets before heading home to pack. Another day, another city. Many students have noticed the dual nature of time on our trip. We do so much in one day that it seems like a week. At the same time, we are leaving another city, the trip seems to be passing by. Farewell, Siem Reap. On to Phnom Penh.

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