Day 27: Siem Reap to Phnom Penh

Today was bus ride day. We were on the road by 10am and cruising down one of Cambodia’s rare highways. We took a lunch break and made it to the capital in a breezy six and half hours.

We’re in Phnom Penh and were greeted by the friendly and professional staff. We’ve got our travel routine down pat. Our students are showing a lot of leadership helping one another with bags, “sweeping” the bus to see if anyone left headphones or a hat on their seat, and volunteering for anything that needs to be done.

After an early dinner, we watched documentaries about the Cambodian genocide to prepare for tomorrow’s journey to Tuol Sleng and Cheung Ek; the prison and “the killing fields”. We will be studying a dark time in Cambodia’s recent past. It’s the reason we read the memoir When Broken Glass Floats for our World Issues course.

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