Day 29: ISU Preparation and Short Selling

In the morning, we met on the roof to write in our journals. We’re very close to the halfway point of our journey and it was time to introduce the Independent Study Unit (ISU) Interview Assignment. It’s a legendary part of Mei Academy programs. Each student will prepare a series of assignments to share and discuss with their teacher in a one-on-one interview. The class jumped into their tasks, including researching a stock worth holding for the next ten years, creating their own World Issues lesson, choosing excerpts from their journals to share, and preparing their best photos for analysis.

The class split into groups to work in different cafes across the city. Many ended up next to the popular Russian Market in the south end. In the evening, we reconvened for a lesson about trading and profiting from a falling stock. Ella and Sam volunteered to provide a visual aid to explain short selling and Katie jumped in to help the class understand how it all worked.

The students had a big work day and time flew past like a tuk tuk in the streets. We divided the class into three groups to have ‘small family dinners’. Some went for local Khmer cuisine while others eagerly returned to the magic dumpling restaurant where they whip the dough around as part of the show. The sun set and we returned home to our Royal Palace hotel near the riverside. Tomorrow we’re up at 7am for another big work day. It’s game time. The one-on-one ISU Interviews are only a few days away.

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