The Perfect Sunday

Today’s morning started a little differently with breakfast and a 20-minute bus ride to Knossos. Knossos was home to King Minos and was the location where Theseus famously battled the minotaur. Exploring theDay3Knossos ancient ruins, the students admired the beauty of the Minoan Frescoes, discussed the complexity of the architecture and theorized about the labyrinth. The students then reconvened at a theatre where they started their Morning Note. After hearing stories about the Minoans, Theseus, and the minotaur, the students wrote about their own favourite stories.

Day3Knossos2On Sunday, Heraklion shuts down. While a handful of shops and restaurants remain open, the majority of the area seems empty. What’s the best thing to do on a hot Sunday? Go to the beach, of course! To the students’ delight, we grabbed our swimsuits, towels and sunglasses and started our walk to the beach. After throwing down their bags at the perfect spot on the sand, they raced into the Aegean Sea without hesitation. The students were thrilled to get into the water as they had been admiring it since Day3Knossos3arriving in Crete. They splashed, they swam, they attempted to play Frisbee despite the wind. There simply was no better way to spend a hot afternoon.

Day3MorningNotesOnce back at the hotel, the students headed to the waterfront for their Classical Civilization lecture. Today’s lecture was on the Minoans, Mycenaeans, Homer and The Iliad. Scott surprised the students by reciting the first few lines of The Iliad – in Greek – as he explained the importance of oral story telling during Homer’s time.

The students finished their day with dinner in the city and received their symposium assignment instructions – but more on that later! After a day of sun and swimming, the students were thankful (and ready) to get a good sleep.


– The Odyssey Crew

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