Day 32: ISU Interviews Begin

We woke up and walked from our beds to the beach in less than two minutes. We played soccer and frisbee on the sand to wake ourselves up. A light rain and overcast sky kept us cool. The class has learned that once the sun comes out and the heat increases it’s better to stay in the shade and stay hydrated. After breakfast, the interviews began. The teachers were occupied with working with students one-on-one. The rest of the class had time to finish the editing of their first film and to wrap the first half of their interview assignment for World Issues. We’re excited to share these with you!

We met up in the evening for small family dinners. We randomized the dinner groups to keep ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to share time with different classmates. Ilana, Antoine, Ella, and Sydney had a great time together, playing conversation games to get to know one another on a new level. We’re almost at the halfway point and our Fall family is rising to higher connections, familiarity, and friendliness with one another.

Half the class completed their ISUs today, each student spent 2-3 hours with their teacher and shared what they’ve learned thus far. Tomorrow, the other half has their opportunity.

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