Day 38: Taking a Break, Island Keep Ups

We have finished the first half of our course together and it was time for a break. Sihanoukville provided the ideal place to unwind. It was a day for relaxation and copious amounts of sun. In the morning, we got on a boat and headed out to snorkel. Jess made a smart play by bringing her speakers and serenading the group with “Why do You Build Me Up, Buttercup”.

2016-10-28-mei-fall-semester-1sihanoukville11322-mei-international-academy-travel-study-study-abroad-international-baccalaureat-advanced-placement-go-abroad-educationWe stopped on an island for a campfire lunch and to enjoy the beach. The game of the day was “keep ups”. The rules are simple: get in a circle, throw the ball in there and keep it there. We hit that ball a million times, passing it back and forth, laughing and diving in the warm water. The teachers made the game interesting by declaring that any students who could keep the ball in the air for 100 consecutive hits would win the right to sleep in on any day. Many gallant efforts were made with the group peaking at 72.

In the afternoon, we headed home and the students had plenty of time to kick around the hotel, walk on the beach, and unwind from a hard day in the sand and sun. At night we came together for a full family dinner.

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