Day 41: The aMEIzing Race in Bangkok

We’re in Bangkok! In the morning, our academics focused on media and filmmaking. We used our HDMI cable to plug in to the conference room TV and share our First Films. The students met in small groups to reflect on their work and discuss how they were planning on learning from their first experience for tomorrow’s group filmmaking.

Next, we headed out into the city to begin the day’s adventure. It’s much more developed here and we learned that as soon as we entered Terminal 21, a multi-level mall built as an homage to cities around the world. Floor 3 is themed as Paris while Floor 6 is San Francisco. We stopped for lunch and the teachers had a surprise for the class. We were about to have an aMEIzing race across Bangkok.

We put them into teams and started off with a quiz to complete while they ate. Oh, and good luck finding the answers using Google. The test was all trivia based on our trip. Do you remember the name on the sign across from our hotel in Mui Ne?

One hour later and it was time for the next part of the aMEIzing race. The students scoured the mall, searching for the photo clues and then raced to the park where they competed in a physical challenge. Next, they commuted to the Big C to find Halloween costumes before a final race across the city to Khaosan Road. They rode in speedy tuk tuks, taxis, and some groups even saved time by riding the local trains. It’s incredible to see how savvy the class has become when it comes to navigating a new city. It’s our first day here!

The teams arrived and took a look around Khao San, a popular street for tourists, filled with shops and souvenirs. Then the groups had just over an hour to grab dinner and get into their Halloween costumes for the final part of the contest. We saw construction paper being cut and a tornado of cheap clothing.

In the end, we were blown away by Ilana, Antoine, Yvee, and Jess’ costumes. We mistook them for grumpy, elderly people because their makeup, outfits, and characters were so convincing. They achieved the look on a frugal budget but an even more thrifty team pulled off a 101 Dalmatians look, complete with the villain Cruella DeVille. The teachers tallied the score and realized that the second place team had 152 points while the winners earned 153! The whole challenge was decided by one point! Congratulations to Iain, Vanessa, Leah, and Bronte!

Night feel and Khao San road lit up. We wandered the market and then sped off in tuk tuks for home.

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