Day 42: The Group Film and Wat Intharawihan

In the morning, we had an early breakfast and then the class was divided into the roles that they wanted for filmmaking. The Writers met together in the conference room and began working on the scripts for the day. The Directors planned the locations and shooting schedule while the Cinematographers did an equipment check. The Editors knew that most of their work would come at the end of the day -but they knew their job would be easier if they played a role in planning the right coverage of looking for continuity.

Each team had a Director, Writer, Cinematographer, and Editor. The groups were unleashed upon Bangkok to make short films. It was nice that we had the time to reflect about our skills yesterday because today they would be put to the test. By the end, Mack and Katie were laughing, surprised at how well they worked together as co-directors and Kali told us that her group had that rare, special synergy that everyone hops for on set. Meanwhile Jess wrote Sam into another starring role -this time in a comedy. We’re excited to watch the final products and gauge how far the class has come in the Media course.

One thing that’s fun to point out is how much of the day was taken for granted. Students were planning their own day. This meant changing locations in Bangkok, timing transit, planning a lunch break, and working on a movie. The staff is really appreciative of the trust that the students have earned and their growing independence and confidence as travellers.

In the evening, we experienced a major Bangkok traffic jam as we made our way to the large, standing golden Buddha in Wat Intharawihan. Bangkok is peppered with buddhist temples and the monastic way of life is deeply respected. We walked, as a group, to Khao San road for dinner and our final souvenir shopping in Thailand. It feels like we’ve been here for a week but it was a busy two days. Tomorrow… on to Australia!

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