Day 44: …to Australia

After a seven hour flight and a four hour time difference and forty five minute drive to the hotel our minds and bodies were confused. Fortunately, the weather made us feel comfortable. The air was clean, the breeze was cool, and the sun was warm. It was if a postcard for Australia had come alive to greet us. We were fortunate that our rooms were ready early and we crash napped for a few hours.

We awoke and ate lunch then walked as smiling zombies through the park, across the wharf, and to the Sydney Opera House. We were grinning, laughing, spinning, and yawning in equal parts. The class was giddy with excitement and barely able to keep their eyes open. We came back to the hotel and used our kitchenettes to make dinner. There were cheers when we announced we would be using the grocery store to buy fresh produce. After a month of restaurants, buying a carrot and an avocado was like finding one of those treasure chests that glow with gold.

We had a really early night because tomorrow, we’re starting Sydney in a big way. To the beach!

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