Day 45: Bondi and Coogee and Debate

In the morning, we took the subway and the bus across town to the gorgeous beaches of Sydney. We walked through Bondi beach where we fit right in with the ultrafit locals showing off their grins, sunglasses, tanned abs, and huge biceps.


We joined the crowd of Australians enjoying the first glorious days of incredible weather. We hiked along the coast, stopping for a World Issues lesson that introduced the major assignments coming up in the second half. We continued along the coast path until we reached Coogee Beach at 1pm and took a break for lunch. The class began their research for upcoming debates and enjoyed the sand. Fortunately, we are all veterans of sun burns and are savvy enough to know when to duck away from the blazing sun. It was hot but clean, cool air with a twist of ocean salt kept us smiling.

In the evening, we found a spot in the shade for our English lesson focused on using ethos, pathos, and logos in debate. Bryan was challenged to argue against the merits of video games while Sydney finally had her chance to explain her conviction that we must stop school uniforms.

After the battles were over we split into small family dinners. We walked up the small beach street and enjoyed our meal together. Then it was time to hop on the bus and head home.

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