Day 46: Business as Usual and Potts Point and Lex!

Today, we were back on the full Mei Academy routine: workout, breakfast, and morning note journal writing in Rushcutters Bay Park. We followed that with different lessons for the Business and Economics students.

It was time to break for the middle and the day and we were in good spirits. The weather has been fantastic, the dry heat doesn’t seem to sap our strength the way humidity can. Prices are higher here but food quality is excellent. There’s a lot of pride in ingredients in Australia. The students had the afternoon to work, finding research and sharpening their points for the upcoming debate.

We explored our neighbourhood, Potts Point with its emerging scene of small business. We explored cute new cafes and restaurants to find wifi and some shade. In the evening we met up to practice our note-taking skills. The class read about the modern changes in Australians refugee policy and the intense experiences of a family who tried to make it here from Iran through Indonesia.

One unique part of our classrooms are the occasional distractions from being out in the world. Over time, our teachers have learned that you can’t compete with a cute dog. We took a break as we were swarmed by a series of curious pooches. Some of our students are missing their pets at home. These Australian dogs are more than willing to let them shower that pent-up animal love onto them. Our neighbourhood is filled with dog enthusiasts and we always seem to be near a herd of the friendliest, cleanest, healthiest pups we’ve ever seen.

As a special treat, our teacher Simon invited his friend to speak to the class. Simon lived in Sydney for years and introduced us to Lex. She spoke to the students about Australian politics, the rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne, the publishing industry she works in, and how she decided what she wanted to do with her life. The class followed up with questions and swarming her for photos.

For dinner, we had a group pizza party. And went to bed, knowing that the next morning we’d be exploring the pristine blue waters and soft sands of Manly beach.

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