Day 47: Manly Beach and The Great Debates

In the morning, we boarded the ferry for Manly Beach -a popular spot for the sun, sand, and surfing. We arrived to hear a massive sound system blasting dance music for a high school cheerleading competition. We walked down the main street and stopped in some shade for journal writing. Afterward, we had our Business and Economics lessons. Then it was time for our midday break.

We reconvened and walked to the shade of a park for our evening presentations. Today was our World Issues Great Debates presentations. The groups debated the legacy of China’s One Child Policy, the effectiveness of foreign aid, and the territorial dispute over the Senkaku Islands between Japan and China. The class had prepared well and showed exceptional listening skills. It’s amazing how a little research can cause us to develop tunnel vision but the class was still open to hearing other points of view.

Afterward, we headed to the main strip for dinner. It was quieter now. The cooler air had chased the beach bums home for the night. The timing worked out for us because right after dinner a ferry was waiting for us to bring us home. We still had a twenty-five minute walk ahead of us but multiple students had brought speakers and started belting out the tunes. It was night and we reached home to rest for the night. Tomorrow we knew we’d have the big business assignment… the Sydney Apprentice Challenge.

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