Day 49: Adventures in Sydney and Farewell

For our final day in Sydney we took a break to have adventures. After today, there’s a big academic sprint to the end. It was important to take some time to travel around the last major city on our program. Students were invited to sleep in but many rose early. Some zipped off to the Apple Store to be first in line for service, others organized their own work out. By 9am a few students had headed back to Manly Beach, on a ferry with a teacher, while many others visited the shopping at Bondi. Even earlier, at 7am, a few headed out of the city with a teacher to trek in the Blue Mountains region for the day while others planned an ambitious list of local tourist sites to visit. We’re proud of our class for taking full advantage of the opportunity to organize themselves and travel with an earned confidence.

We met in the evening to share stories and eat together but our picnic got rained out! After five days of sunny skies and pristine conditions who could blame the city for crying now that we were leaving? In any case, we persisted. After retreating to our hotel rooms to finish dinner, we re-emerged to walk across the city to the Sydney Opera house which is lit up at night. The rain had stopped and it was nice to spend time together as a full family, walking and laughing and saying goodbye to a lovely place that treated us well. Yes, it is expensive and yes, it is beautiful. We spent the final walk home calculating how to get back to Sydney -surely the University here offers exchange programs… sigh.

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