Day 50: Travel Day – Sydney to the Daintree Rainforest

We had a full morning in Sydney before leaving for the airport. It was business as usual with the students fully capable of finding their way through security to the gate. We flew out of Sydney to the north of the continent where we landed in the smaller Cairns airport and were greeted by friendly faces in Queensland and whisked off to the Daintree National Park.

Our bus driver even encouraged us to use the PA system for karaoke. Yale stepped up.

Once we arrived at our rainforest resort, we claimed our bunk beds, settled into our cabins and had dinner. We heeded the warning of the locals who advised against visiting the beautiful Cape Tribulation beach at night because there are “salties” in the area. Salties is the cute name for the enormous saltwater crocodiles who patrol the ocean coast at night. Gulp. We gathered for a podcast where every student shared travel reflections, singing, and stories with the class.

SPOILER ALERT: We’re all safe. We had no wildlife encounters in the Daintree Rainforest. But there were two times where we screamed over the size of bugs, including a slow-moving stick bug which looked very bored by our fear.

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