Day 55: Travel Day – Daintree Rainforest to Cairns

Our bus picked us up at 10:30am to take the winding round out of this lush, Daintree National Park, and to the city of Cairns.

We stopped in our bus, to wait for the short ferry across the river, and spotted our first wild crocodile.

We arrived in Cairns, took a look at our apartments and walked down to the waterfront. The esplanade is where the lifeblood of this small city lies. This is a THE spot to launch from when snorkelling and diving at the Great Barrier Reef. We’re in no rush. We’ll have a few days here to enjoy the small city life, and finish more World Issues and Business projects before we’re living out on the ocean. The class was really looking forward to cooking! It’s nice to have a full kitchen and be able to shop at grocery stores and get a real feel for living abroad. After dinner, we came together to take a wander to the night market.

Tonight, the students can choose one of five documentaries to watch for World Issues. We’ve handpicked a selection of informative movies to light their minds on fire -never a problem with this group of thinkers.

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