Day 56: Business Plan and the Final Debates

Cairns living is apartment style. Each room has a kitchen and the class was excited to buy groceries and cook.

This morning we worked out, cooked breakfast in our apartments, showered and met on the esplanade for a half hour of journal writing.
Afterward, the Economics student held class while the Business students were introduced to business plans. They brainstormed ideas, thinking about products we’d love to see and markets that we know are brimming with demand for a service.

We dismissed after pointing out the cafe culture in Cairns where students would be welcome to work. Today was our second crack at the Great Debates assignment. This time, the students chose the topics and challenged each other.

In the evening, we met up in our local park which has changed over our years of visiting Cairns. It’s now had a major upgrade with gorgeous pathways, vine tunnels, and a huuuge stage and amphitheatre. It was a grand setting for high school debates. Mack and Iain went head to head to explore the Trump vs. Hilary debate. Nisey gave an elegant defence of pro-life, arguing that it was consistent with feminist values, while Ilana argued that she is NOT a number and that standardized testing is an affront to education. The class was asked to raise the bar for debates by adding some passion and they did just that. It was a lively evening of battling ideas.

Afterward, we handed out money to shop at the grocery store for dinner. The students eagerly planned their meals, loving the freedom and independence of apartment-style living. At night, it was time to relax, play games, watch movies, and hit the sack for a busy day tomorrow.

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