Day 57: A Normal Mei Academy Day and the Australia Presentation

In the morning, we had a nice, “normal” MEI Academy day. We woke up, worked out on the esplanade (at the public soccer and volleyball courts). This morning, Kali took it upon herself to up the intensity of workouts by inviting other students to join her for circuit training. We cooked our breakfasts, showered, wrote in our journals, and had our World Issues lesson. After our regular morning, it was 11:00am and time to dismiss.

The class has more independence to organize their time, work on their upcoming projects, and explore Cairns.

In the evening, the Australia presentation group delivered the final country presentation. They introduced us to important Australian case studies like the “stolen generation” affecting Aboriginals, the environmental threats to the Great Barrier Reef, and the detention centres that are a part of the country’s national refugee policy.

Next, the group brought us to the public barbecues and treated us to a grilled Aussie dinner of coconut shrimp, veggie skewers, and kangaroo meat. Night feel and we walked to the Night Market together, commenting on how the prices are five times what we’ve seen across Asia. Then we strolled home together. Another normal day of school came to an end.

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