Day 58: Infographics and Global Citizen Presentations

We started our day down on the esplanade playing in the local volleyball court. We’ve replaced frisbee with a game that our class is loving: handball. The games are fast and furious and we’ve worked up an appetite and earned our showers. We returned to our apartments to prepare for the day.

We had an illustrated morning note this morning, sketching creative diagrams, maps, and comics from the trip -as well as designing new, helpful signage for travel. Afterward, our World Issues lesson was about assessing infographics, the trendy visual way to convey information. The students then had time to prepare their Global Citizen presentations.

It was a busy day of work and it paid off. The class arrived to the park early to practice their presentations. And then we began. Each student presented an organization that they argued passionately that the class should send money. Yale won us over with her emotional appeal about Sea Shepherd while Vanessa’s pitch was popular for its practicality and feasibility. She successfully argued for Days for Girls an organization that promotes sustainable feminine hygiene for those below the poverty line. We voted on the winners and then speedwalked to the mall where the teachers unveiled a surprise. We had been working nonstop in Cairns for three days straight and now it was time to kick back and watch a movie. We saw the premiere of Fantastic Beasts, the Harry Potter spin off. As soon as we handed out tickets our group of young adults melted into excited children. Meg and Yale were over the moon and even Sam and Iain were excited (to ridicule the film). Bryan lined up strategically and was able to secure his favourite movie theatre seat while Vanessa planned carefully to afford the million dollar popcorn at the theatre.

We walked home together at night, laughing about the film. Tomorrow is our last day in Cairns. We have one big day left to complete The Apprentice challenge.

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