Day 59: The Cairns Apprentice

In the morning, we introduced the Apprentice Challenge for Cairns. The Business students were tasked with developing a summer business. They had to create a business plan, a break even analysis, and a marketing strategy. Tonight, they would invite an investor (played by a teacher) to their apartment for a bite to eat and to pitch the concept.

Meanwhile the Economics students embarked on an active research project. They were assigned important figures in economic philosophy and would have to learn about their key ideas and represent them in character at dinner.

At midday, we met groups at The Lagoon -Cairns popular public pool down on the esplanade. We took a break from work to dip in the pool.

In the evening it was time to deliver the presentations. The Economics students met, in character, to discuss big ideas. While the business plans were unveiled. Katie, Ella, Bronte, and Yale outlined their music lesson business, complete with website and a plan for starting with youth and expanding into the retiree market. Jesse, Mack, and Michelle presented their car detailing enterprise which they were confident would corner the market in Calgary. It was a wildly successful evening of good ideas and conversation.

After dinner, we went out into the city to pick up last second souvenirs, towels and bathing suits. Then we packed and cleaned our apartments, counting up our spoons to make sure all of the plates and cutlery were in order. That brought us to 10pm and time for an early sleep. We fell fast asleep. Tomorrow, it’s an early exit as we will ride out to the Great Barrier Reef.

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