Day 61: Snorkel, Dive, Repeat

We woke up at sunrise for an early opportunity to explore the reef. Snorkelers and new divers took advantage of the excellent conditions to see the vibrant coral colours and schools of fish zipping around.

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Thanks to Michelle, Jess, and Yale for the above photos taken with a fancy waterproof camera. Michelle wants you to look closely at the photo where she has two thumbs up. The sea turtle is chilling out on the ocean floor in the background.

The rhythm of diving boat life resumed:
snorkel or dive
snorkel or dive
snorkel or dive
snorkel or dive
snorkel or dive

We even snuck in a Round Table discussion about the various World Issues movies that the students had watched in groups. We discussed a wide variety of issues from climate change to Aboriginal issues in Australia to the rise of surveillance in North America.

It’s a bit choppy on the open water and our boat, The Kangeroo Explorer, moves twice a day. Each move takes about 30-60 minutes as we anchor in a new sweet spot to investigate. These commutes make us amateur sailors a little queasy but we’re getting better at dealing with it (napping).

After dinner, a few of our certified divers were allowed to “night dive” with the guides. The ocean feels like a different place in the total darkness. Their vision was narrowed to the beam of a flashlight. They survived their spooky journey and even spotted a reef shark and an octopus on the way home.

Before bed, we met up on the sun deck as a group. The teachers unveiled a secret gift for the students (postcards printed from their best photos) and we had a great time hanging out before heading off to sleep.

Tomorrow is a big day. We’ll wake up on the boat with chances to dive and snorkel. Then we’ll cruise back to the mainland and board a bus to small town Yungaburra.

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