Day 63: Yungaburra Cafes and Days for Girls

In the morning, we took the short walk to the local park for some rousing games of handball. Tia and Ilana proved themselves to be skilled forwards as well as goaltenders. The games were close. One almost ended in a tie but a last second pass from Iain to Leah set up the winning strike.

Afterward, we had breakfast. Our home, On the Wallaby, has a lovely array of couches and long tables for group meals. It’s filled with instruments and board games for guests to play. We ate and headed to the park for journal writing where we had a chance to reflect on the Great Barrier Reef. Then it was time to start our major essay writing. The English students chose the novels they would compare while Writer’s Craft and Literature students continued working on their final projects.

We had the day to explore tiny Yungaburra and find our favourite places to sit and write. There are multiple cafes, restaurants, and even the small town library to chose from. In the evening, we met up to decide the winner of the Global Citizen assignment. The students had to vote on the cause we felt was most worthy to give money. In the end, we chose Days for Girls presented to us by Vanessa.

We had dinner as a group at On the Wallaby and started to enjoy the guitar playing and board games. Some students played ukulele, others shared a laugh over a card game, and a tournament was organized for Taboo to see which pair of classmates are the best communicators.

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