Day 65: Completing the Essay and Lake Eachem

Happy Birthday, Ilana! In the morning we played our favourite handball in the park and then took over the kitchen at On the Wallaby to make breakfast. By 9am we were ready to go for the day. It was the last chance to polish up our essays which were submitted at noon.

The work was done and it was time to play. We drove out to Lake Eachem, the most recommended spot here in Yungaburra. Every local has asked when we would be visiting the crystal clear water, a unique anomaly, created by volcanic explosions. The lake is it’s own independent ecosystem with no connecting rivers or creeks. The class was excited to relax in this scenic spot, swimming in the cool water on a hot day as we laughed about the snow falling on some of our homes. It’s hard to think about chilly weather here.

We had a balmy American Thanksgiving and pie for dessert, singing Happy Birthday to Ilana. In the late evening, we hung out together playing games and organizing thousands of photos. Everyone submitted their top pictures from each country so we could share them as a group. We packed our bags, knowing we had an early bus ride to the airport. Next stop, Melbourne!

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