Day 66: Travel Day – Yungaburra to Melbourne

We were up at 7am to have breakfast and leave by 8:30am. Paul, our driver, brought us down the winding roads of the Tablelands and into the Cairns airport. We received numerous compliments from passersby with our extraordinary bus offloading skills. The whole group moves like a well oiled machine, helping each other with bags, making sure the bus is clean, and that we all have our gear.

The flight to Melbourne was a few hours in the air. We changed time zones and dropped an hour. Meg managed to watch the in-flight movie, Tarzan, without crying which was astonishing because she set the record for tears on her first viewing.

We landed and, as we waited for our bus, we noticed a draft!?! Melbourne was 17 degrees Celsius. People here were wearing… pants!?! In the twenty minutes we were in the airport, Mack and Vanessa panicked and bought giant stuff toy sloths (for warmth?). The ride to the hotel was a grind through traffic, giving us flashbacks to Beijing. Eventually, we made it. The apartments we have here are nice with full kitchens. It was 7pm by the time we were settled so we headed out for dinner. We went to bed excited to explore this new place.

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