Day 67: Hedge Funds, Save the Cat, and Little Bourke Street

Today we had a full day Business and Economics assignment where the students had to find a pitch a range of stocks to a hedge fund. The class had to combine their knowledge of World Issues and stock analysis to pick safe, moderate and risky investments for the next 5-10 year. They came up with some brilliant stuff.

A few groups recommended Lockheed-Martin believing that the new American President would spend lavishly on military technology. Katie advised on betting on Canada’s largest marijuana farm because she believed pending legislation would cause an immediate jump. And… she was right! One week late the stock had increased 250%

Each group presented to the teachers and included a commercial to present their team. It was a successful afternoon and the day wasn’t done. We headed to one of Melbourne large parks to sit together and complete an activity. It was based on Save the Cat, the popular guide to writing a film. Each student reflected on their journey and completed a fifteen step “beat sheet” for a movie based on their experience. They had to think of their growth, the theme of their journey (dependance to independence, uncertainty to confidence, etc.) and map out fifteen sentences telling the tale of their quest.

Finally, for dinner, we headed across Little Bourke Street. Melbourne is alive at night and we had our pick of restaurants from Greek to Japanese. After dinner, we walked across the city together and returned to the hotel. We’ve only been here for one full day but it’s starting to feel like home. The secret is being around each other. We know that, wherever we are, we have each other and the trip is in full familiarity and family mode.

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