Day 68: The Immigration Museum, Short Stories and World Issues Magazine

In the morning, our World Issues class took place at the Immigration Museum where students had a chance to experience the interactive exhibits. They had a task to learn some key terms for the exam, including “the dictation test” -an impossible written quiz used to screen immigrants under the White Australia policy.

Today was also a big deadline day as we finished up the regular coursework. The students submitted their short stories that they have been working on over the course. Tia blew us away with her original, imaginative piece “The Wave”.

We also collected the collaborative World Issues Magazine assignment. Students completed this project in groups of seven or more, dividing up the roles of reporters, editors, and designers. We now have a magazine covering Cambodia, Vietnam, and Australia. The students wrote about case studies at the international, national, and city level as well as included travel articles for future students. Jess did an impressive job covering every aspect of packing and planning while Nisey wrote a serious piece about Aboriginal rights in Australia.

We wrapped up at 9pm so the class could unwind at our hotel apartments. We went to sleep knowing that the last assignments would be assigned tomorrow. We have one big project and on place left.

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