Day 69: Red Stairs and the Lil’ Melbourne Penguins

In the morning, we met on a big set of Red Stairs, a public space built for street performers to use at night to seat their audience. We kicked off our final ISU project. The students were presented with the last assignments to complete for English, World Issues, Media, and Business/Economics.

The class had their chance to roam the city and balance work and play in their lives. Some students took us up on our recommendation to head to the Moving Images Centre for a free short film in virtual reality! There’s lots of shopping in Melbourne and plenty of comfortable cafes as well for WiFi and work. The students have to manage their time and will be preparing a poetry analysis, designing travel products, deconstructing a movie clip, creating informed tour guides and more. We’re excited to see what they produce.

Fortunately, one of our teachers, Simon, has lived here. He knew a little place to visit this evening. So, at 5pm, we headed out on a tram to St. Kitts. We had a lovely picnic dinner together and then walked down to Melbourne’s beach. We learned from Australians that Sydney and Melbourne are in a constant competition with the former being the most recognized and the latter being an up and coming centre for culture. When you compare the beaches, Sydney has surfing and gorgeous people working out. The Melbourne beach? Kind of stinky. But wait! Melbourne has an ace up their sleeve. We walked out along the long pier to find… little penguins! At night they return home to the rocks and for our students to take photos of them for Instagram.

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