Day 71: Travel Day – … to Fiji

We have safely arrived in Fiji. It was a midnight flight and, in terms of time zones, we’ve leapt ahead two hours.

We arrived a bit disoriented and hot in the heavy humidity of Fiji. Fortunately, the landscape is gorgeous and our resort looks out over the ocean. The students spent their first day here, napping and working on assignments for their final ISU.

At night, the staff arranged the tables into two long sections so we could eat as a family. They surprised us with ice cream and chocolate cake for dessert. After the meal, we were treated to a dance show and yes, some students were eager to hope on stage and learn the moves.

We’re at the end of a busy travel day and in the middle of demanding schoolwork. Tomorrow, as our heads clear, we’ll have a chance to realize this is it, our last stop of the program.

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