Day 72: It’s December? and ISU Prep

We’ve settled into Crusoe’s Retreat, our resort in Fiji. There’s free kayaking and snorkelling in the crystal clear water, there is live, local music every afternoon in the open air restaurant Occasionally, coconuts drop from a tree and the sun is blazing overhead. Each night, little toads come out and lazily hop out of our way as we walk along the path to our rooms. We live in huts with large screen doors for the breeze. It’s December!?! There isn’t a snowflake in sight.

The class had today to finish their ISU work. They could take breaks to hop in the pool and dry in the sun but they mostly got down to business, wrapping up an assignment that spans four courses. The final ISU interviews will be around three hours each so the pressure is on to have something to say -and lots of it.

After dinner, the staff at the hotel announced a game -a musical chairs style competition. We danced in a circle and were eliminated one-by-one by the luck of the cards until the winner, Ilana, scored a free milkshake. This was a fitting moment because, at the beginning of the trip, Ilana always seemed to make the finals of a competition an be eliminated on the precipice of victory. Today, the gods of contest prizes, rewarded her for never giving up.

Everyone submitted their package of assignments at 9pm and went to bed, dreaming about suntanning.


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