Day 73: Smackball and ISU Day 1 of 3

We woke up together for work out and invented a sport. Smackball, a hybrid of keep ups and tennis that we fully expect to be an Olympic event in four years. Athena has already mastered it and Sydney showed the most improvement and will likely be the league MVP one day.

Today was the first day of ISUs. Students met their teachers one-on-one for a final interview about the course, sharing their experiences and everything they’ve learned. Each interview takes about 3 hours to complete so we’re grateful to each student for being prepared with things they are passionate about to share.

Jess was the only one looking a little sunburnt -which is unusual because she’s one of the most responsible people on the trip (teachers included). Fortunately, it was all part of her tanning plan. We know this sun. We’ve met it before on the beaches of Cambodia and Australia. The class has done a great job of staying hydrated, wearing sunscreen, and chilling in the shade in peak hours. It was another small example of their independence and travel savvy. The teachers are free to focus on each student interview. The class requires few reminders as we make our way to the end.

Each night, we enjoy a family dinner, eating together on the balcony of the open air restaurant. It’s a nice way to end each day. Together.

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