Day 74: Kayaking and ISU Day 2 of 3

Today was the second day of ISUs. Teachers and students were deeply involved in their one-on-one interviews.

Simon and Katie ended up taking their conversation to open water, continuing their discussion with a kayak ride across the lagoon -an ISU location invented by Liza and Kali. Then they returned to the shade and laptops to continue the exploration of the course.

The students who were not talking to a teacher were wrapping up the smaller, culminating assignments. Everyone has interviewed eight people over our time together and now it was time to reflect on what they had learned, making connections to World Issues and their own lives. This is one of the class’ favourite assignments because it has encouraged them to talk to strangers on planes, their servers in cafes, and anyone who wanted to have a conversation.

We encourage you to ask your son or daughter who they met over this course for their “interview assignment”. All of them have stories to share.


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