Day 75: Student Documentaries and ISU Day 3 of 3

Today was the final day of ISUs. They were completed by the afternoon and, in the evening, we collected a documentary about every student. That’s right, we have a little doc about each one of us. Surprised? Over the course of this trip we had a running assignment. In each city, we were all (teachers included) assigned to capture footage of a specific person. We kept changing cities and we kept changing who we were assigned to “get coverage”.

It’s the end of the trip and everyone has about 70 clips of themselves through out their travels with us. In these last three days, each student was randomly assigned one last person to edit a documentary for them. They paired the clips with appropriate music and narration from their subject. We are all eagerly looking forward to the screen but we had to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. Tomorrow… exams!

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